• The next conference of iNNOVEX

    Will be held on February 8th, 2017

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    AVENUE Convention Center, Airport City, Israel


















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The Conference will be held on February 8, 2017


At the Convention Center, AVENUE Airport City, Israel


In recent years, Israel has gained global reputation as a major source for creativity and innovation.
The ability to think different, create new technologies, and overcome technological barriers helped Israeli high tech companies such as Amdocs, Elbit, Mellanox, Teva, Checkpoint, and Nice Systems to become world leaders in their market segments.


In addition, thanks to the large number of R&D engineers and the high quality of local education, many multinational corporations opened centers of development excellence in Israel including IBM, HP, Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, EMC, Marvell, SAP, Cisco, Broadcom, Applied Materials, and Qualcomm.
In order to encourage Israeli creativity and innovation, a long list of leading high tech companies joined hands and initiated the annual international innovation conference called iNNOVEX.


iNNOVEX2017 will focus on promoting innovation in the Israeli high tech industry, in the academic research facilities and  more specifically in young companies involved with advanced technologies.
As in previous years, we plan to cooperate with the relevant government ministries, with the Chief Scientist’s Office (at the Ministry of Economy) and with the major universities in Israel.

iNNOVEX2017 is expected to draw more than 1,000 engineers, industry professionals, academic researchers, senior executives and investors that plan to take part in iNNOVEX2017 in order to exchange ideas, learn about new development tools and listen to world innovation experts that will address the challenges in implementing creative ideas and invent new products .


This audience will also discuss ways for inspiring innovation and encourage "out of the box" thinking that will lead to the development of the next generation of disruptive technologies.

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