Exhibiting at ChipEx2024

General exhibition area - prices are for 1 Sq.
1. Floor space only: between 9-20 Sq.
2. Floor space only: between 21-41 Sq.
3. Floor space only: between 42-62 Sq.
4. Floor space only: between 63 Sq. And more
5. Basic display unit - 9 sqm. (with modular construction)
6. Basic display unit - 9 sqm. (w/o modular construction)
7. 1 m Modular construction package
8. 1 m Modular construction package with a carpet
9. 1 m carpet only

Exhibitor area without construction (floor only) include:


• Advertising company profile in the ChipEx2024 booklet
• 1 Lunch ticket for every 4 Sqm.
• 7 free entrance to ChipEx2024 and free lunch, excluding vendors' employees or their relatives.
• Participation of 1-2 senior executives of your company at the ChipEx2024 Executive Summit.
• 2 tables for every 10 Sq.
• 4 chairs for every 10 Sq.
• Electric plug for every 10 Sq.


Modular construction package (minimum 9 Sq. meters) include:

• 2 or 3 walls (corner booth can choose if he want only 2 walls)
• A sign with the company's name (up to 21 characters)
• 2 SIMA system tables 102X52X75 cm (75 centimeter high)
• 4 chairs
• 1 electric plug (1 kilowatt)
• 3 spot lights (100 W each one)
• Lunch tickets for two exhibitors
• 7 Free entrance to ChipEx2024 and free lunch, excluding vendors' employees or their relatives.


  • LCD Display (42")
  • Electric plug
  • Additional chair
  • Additional Table
  • Spot lights:
      •100 W
  • Internet connection
  • Lunch ticket - meal
  • Logo on the sign of the booth (should be provided ready for print)

Advertisement opportunities
Increase your company's visibility by advertising before, during, and after ChipEx2024 at our various advertising platforms:

• Cubic banner ad (240x240 pixels) at Chiportal home Page/per month
• Cubic banner ad (240x240 pixels) at Chiportal Inner Page/per month
• Rectangle banner ad (930x90 pixels) at Chiportal Newsletter/per week
• One page ad at the ChipEx2024 booklet
• One page ad at the back cover of ChipEx2024 booklet



  • Due to the steep decrease in the dollar value Vs. NIS (New Israeli Shekel) prices were updated accordingly
  • The prices are quoted in dollars. In case you wish to pay in NIS (New Israeli Shekel), prices will be converted to dollars per the NIS rate at the day of payment.
  • All prices are excluding VAT
  • No double discounts

Payment terms:

Exhibitors are expected to make two money transfers:

  • 10 % of cost - Together with the order
  • 90% of cost - by April 1, 2024

The organizers reserve the rights to cancel any order of companies that will not complete full payments by April 1, 2024.

Order Cancellation:

  • Up to two months before the event- free of charge
  • Between 59-31 days before the event - 50% of order
  • 30 days before the event or less - 100% of order
  • No verbal cancelation. All cancelations need to be in writing

In case of canceling an order, please send a cancellation message by E-mail, or Fax to ASG offices:
E-mail: info@chiportal.co.il
Fax: +972-9-7748858


  • The producers of ChipEx2024 are not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft to the exhibitors' properties during the entire show.
  • Special modular booths - in case your company are using a special modular booth or special construction for your booth, we kindly ask you to update us no later than one week prior to the event. Please provide us with the exact size of your booth to allow us to approve it by our safety engineer.
  • No food or drinks are allowed to enter the show area without prior approval by the production company. 
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