About DevelopEX2017

About DevelopEX2017



 DevelopEX2017  is the major technology conference of the Israeli electronic systems. DevelopEX2017  covers all aspects and stages of development and systems design


DevelopEX2017  was specifically created for industry professionals involved with the design and development of the latest electronics systems including communication and multimedia systems, medical devices, automotive related systems, green technologies, defense and aerospace, consumer electronics systems and more


DevelopEX2017  was designed to address their day to day challenges, to improve integration between all system components and shorten time to market. DevelopEX2017 includes lectures given by the industry experts covering all aspects of theories, methodologies, techniques, applications and tools which could support tomorrows' design challenges. In parallel to the technical sessions DevelopEX2017 includes professional trade show to allow industry vendors from around the globe to demonstrate their latest design tools, design services and manufacturing capabilities.

DevelopEX2017 includes three major parts:

Main plenary session – The morning session acts as the opening event of DevelopEX2017 and includes some of our top speakers. This general session provide all participants with a good overview of the latest trends and key drivers of the electronics industry.

Technical conference – The technical conference is divided to several parallel tracks. Each track includes 3-4 technical presentations, tutorials, and panels with industry experts, key vendors and academy professors.

Vendors' exhibition   The DevelopEX2017 exhibition consist of booths in various sizes including standard open booths and suits with closed demo rooms for presentations and demonstrations of new design and development tools.

Many leading vendors, service providers and developers of electronic design tools are expected to take part in the large exhibition floor and will allow the visitors to enhance their knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in the electronics industry.

Main topics

Components for embedded systems| The Latest in RF & Analog Design | PLM Solutions | Testing and Measurements |PCB Test   Methodologies |High Speed Communication Challenges | Power Optimization | MEMs & Sensors | Microcontrollers & Micro Processors | Memories and Storage Devices | Electro Optics Solutions | Data Security applications| FPGA & Prototyping | Advanced Systems Integration | Multi Media Systems | Innovative   User Interface & Connectivity | Signal integrity on board level | Virtualization | Embedded Systems and Software |IOT Devices and Systems I CAD/CAM Tools

When & Where

DevelopEX2017 will take place on October 31, 2017 between 8:00am-5:00pm at the AVENUE Convention Center, Airport City, Israel.

Whether your expertise is hardware design, High Speed communication, verification and testing, or project management, DevelopEX2017  will enable you to explore the latest technologies and tools for your next generation systems.

For more information please contact us at +972-9-7454007 or at info@developex.co.il

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