Thanks to all the visitors, exhibitors, sponsors, speakers, committee members and everyone that contributed to the success of DevelopEX2017



The big crowd that came to DevelopEx2017

Dr. Ami Appelbaum

Dr. Ami Appelbaum, the new Chief Of science at the ministry of economy

 and Chairman of the Innovation authority speaks at the conference


מפגשים 1:1

One-on-one meetings at the Chinese delegation pavilion



Prof. Itzhak Birk, Co-Chairman of DevelopEX2017 introduces the exhibiting companies at DevelopEX2017


צוות סמינר Qualcomm for Makers בביתן חברת Arrow

The team of "Qualcomm for Makers" seminar at the Arrow booth


משלחת סינית עם עמי אפלבאום ושלמה גרדמן

The Chinese delegation together with Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chief Scientist and Sol Gradman, Co-Chairman, DevelopEX2017


חיים דותן

Prof. Haim Dotan, Architect of one of the newest world wonders, The world's highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge,

speaks at the closing session about bridging between China & Israel



Participants of the major panel at the closing session of DevelopEX2017(from left to right):

 Nevo Alva, CEO, Visualead, Moti Kushnir, CEO, Infinity AR, Jason Wang, President, ZVCA ,

Dr. Likai Li, Managing partner, Enno Venture and Sol Gradman, CEO, ASG, Co-Chairman, DevelopEX2017   



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