What is DevelopEX?

DevelopEX is the major technology conference dedicated to all levels of electronic design including board, package and system. DevelopEX was specifically created for industry professionals involved with the development of the latest electronic and embedded systems. DevelopEX goal is to address their most complex design and development challenges and help them decided about their next generation vendors.

Who will attend?


DevelopEX was specifically designed for all levels of the developers' community. At DevelopEX, engineers can experience practical solutions for their most complex design and development challenges.


Among the people that will attend DevelopEX are:

  • Design engineers
  • Board designers
  • System architects
  • Program managers
  • Team leaders
  • Technical experts
  • Test and measurement engineers
  • Embedded systems programmers
  • Purchasing managers
  • Project mangers
  • QA managers
  • And many more

I am an industry vendor. Why I should attend as an exhibitor/sponsor?

DevelopEX is the most professional event for the electronic systems' design professionals in Israel. Thanks to high level of our technical conference we are able to bring the key engineers and managers in the leading technology based companies in Israel. These professionals are coming to DevelopEX to learn about the latest technologies and developments in their industry. Therefore, DevelopEX represents a unique opportunity for industry vendors to meet their target audience and introduce their latest tools, components and services to their target customers and allow them to design, develop and manufacture their next generation products in the most efficient and cost effective ways.

Main topics


High Speed design characteristics | RF, Analog and wireless design | Power and Low power challenges | IOT and Emerging Technologies I PCB materials, design tools and processing | the latest system for industry 4.0 applications I Automotive related design| Testing, measurement and monitoring technologies | Embedded Systems, Software, OS and Security | Storage & memory technologies |Packaging, cables and harness characteristics |Electro-optics and Imaging Technologies |

For more information please contact us at +972-9-7454007 or at info@Developex.co.il


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