Special Events

ASG (Advanced Systems Group) acquired extensive experience in organizing, producing and serving private events for high-tech companies.

Our services are tailored to our customers' needs starting from direct e-mail campaign to our various distribution lists and going all the way up to producing a full dedicated conference or seminar.

Our services include:

Event production (From A to Z) - The major rates for success of a technical seminar is not the number of participants but the quality of the people that showed up. ASG's team is experienced in organizing professional events (conferences, seminars, etc.). Thanks to our close relations with the local hotel events' team, we can usually get attractive terms and prices for your events. We will be happy to produce your special events per your specifications.

E-mail campaigns - ASG team can organize dedicated e-mail campaigns for specific audience. For example we can send event invitations to engineers, engineering managers, purchasing managers, or C level executives. The type of e-mail and its content will be designed jointly with the customers and per his specifications. 

Selection of vendors – we can help our clients select the special vendors for their events including Audio/Visual system, Photographer, decoration, quality wines, espresso bars, etc.

Promotional products – We provide our clients with a long list of promotional products designed and printed with their company logo including hats, bags, T-shirts, calendars, etc.

Registration system – our services can include responsibility for the entire event registration system including, pre-registration, on-site registration and participants tags.

PR activities -  ASG's team could take care of your Public Relations and /or advertising  activities. Our team will provide you with the following PR services:

  • Distribution and promotion of all press releases to the relevant journalists in all major business and technical newspapers in Israel.
  • One-on-one interview with the major journalists covering the technology sectors in the Israeli business newspapers.
  • Special media coverage of company’s events and company’s special guests from abroad.
  • Organize speaking opportunities for you and for company's senior executives in various industry events.

Telemarketing – Prior to a technical conference or seminar, you may want to conduct telemarketing campaign to ensure high attendance. Our team could make the necessary calls to potential participants that showed interest in the event and encourage them to actually register and participate.


Examples of events we were involved in their production:


Arm logo

 Arm Tech Symposia held a conference for there customers on March 4-5, 2019
The conference was and produced & organized entirely by ASG


imec new

The Belgian   company- iMEC   held   a conference   in Israel which we helped  in E-mail campaign

Company Wind River   held  an executive   dinner , which we performed   a segmented   email campaign  to the industry   executives

The American Venture Capital   USVP held a c onference   for here   customers.   The conference was organized   and produced   entirely   by   ASG

Production  Cases for managers for  Equip IC Supply Chain

Production conference bags for Xilinx

Producing  an calendars for AST  

Production conference   badges for Ansys- Apache

Segmented   E-mail campaign for CEVA

  Production conference tag laces for TARGET

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