What they said

"Great event - The Broadcom managers enjoyed the day and noted how interesting some sections were. Thank you !"

- Dr. Shlomo Markel, Vice President, Broadcom Inc.


"The lectures I listened to where very informative, well prepared and well attended.  I felt the steering committee did a great job in creating a good mix between review of state of art and future looking trends". 

- Dr. Moti Margalit, CEO, ViaGan


"DevelopEX2015 was a unique high quality opportunity to listen to and mingle with people from all sections of the industry i.e. electronics, IT, medical sensing, energy, semicon, transportation and business.


Most professional meetings are focused and hence provide only highly specialized picture while missing the global aspects of modern technology. From my personal experience I observed that many innovative ideas emerge at the interface between two or more disciplines.


I therefore believe that such meeting has an important role in forward pushing the industry".

- Dr. Gabi Iddan, inventor of Pillcam and Co-founder of Given Imaging


"I participated in the session devoted to personal experience of successful high-tech entrepreneurs. To start with, I believe this is a great initiative to have such a topic included in the program of a purely technical conference.


The regular stuff on results of research and development becomes much more alive and appreciated when one learns about the reasoning, business, organizational and financial aspects of accomplished projects.


This was a unique experience for the audience, as well as for the presenters, and I hope this framework will be expanded in the following conferences.


In general, the conference was very well organized - great exhibition, nice presence of mature and starting companies, balanced and attractive list of lecturers from academy and industry. A pleasant and enjoyable event!"

- Prof. Simon Litsyn, Co-Founder & CTO, Storedot


"I do share the feeling that the conference was a success, and of very high quality (at least in the sessions I attended).

Naturally, as it was held for the first time, there should be some additional effort on the exposure of it. All the rest was close to perfection…"

- Professor Dan Sadot, Co-founder Muliphy and researcher at Ben Gurion University


"I think DevelopEX2015 was a great success because of the people that participated in the technical program, most of them are well-known and lead the technology/management/business in their field".

- Dr. Amit Berman, Samsung R&D Center.



"There was an interesting mix of people attending the conference"

- Avner Goren, GM of Texas Instruments Israel and VP of Texas Instruments Inc.



"At the conference I met a couple of highly professional past colleagues from the industry (not speakers). That probably indicates that the program was attractive.


More specifically for my session, the speakers did a very good job – both informative and educative, the mix of topic was good".

- Prof. Shmuel Wimer, Electrical engineering dept., Bar Ilan University



"The few lectures that I heard were good."

- Naftali Chayat, Co-Founder and CTO, Vayyar



"Thanks for allowing me to speak at this conference. It was a wonderful experience and very interesting. I'll be glad to cooperate in the future".

- Tal Kaufman, CEO, Simtal Coating



"First, the conference was very well organized with the correct blend of lectures and networking opportunity. From people I spoke with that was also the impression by others. I liked the focus on academy lecturers and I believe it should be kept". 

- Avi Baum, CTO for Embedded connectivity solutions, Texas Instruments

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