• The Israeli Semiconductor Club

    The next meeting will be held on December 26, 2016 at Azrieli Towers, floor 49 - "Top of the world"

  • iNNOVEX2017

    The conference will be held on February 8, 2017 at "Avenue" Conference Center, Airport City, Israel

  • ChipEx2017

    Will be held on May 9-10, 2017 at The Israel Trade Fairs Center in Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Developex2017

    The conference will be held on October 31, 2017, at "Avenue" Conference Center, Airport City, Israel

About ExPlace

ExPlace is the web place for all events organized by ASG (Advanced Systems Group) Ltd. ASG specializes in the organization and production of conferences, exhibitions and seminars to the Israeli high tech industry including iNNOVEX and ChipEx.

Our company gained extensive experience in producing large events for the entire industry or dedicated seminars tailored to the needs of specific companies or industry segments. ASG was able to establish great working relations with many organizations all over the world and to produce large multinational events with exhibitors, speakers and visitors from more than 20 countries around the globe including the US, Europe and many Asian countries. Among our conferences:


DevelopEX- the major technology conference of the Israeli electronic systems and PC board's engineers. DevelopEX covers all aspects and stages of board development and systems design.
DevelopEX was specifically created for industry professionals involved with the design and development of the latest electronics systems, to address their day to day challenges, to improve integration between all system components and shorten time to market. DevelopEX includes lectures given by the industry experts covering all aspects of theories, methodologies, techniques, applications and tools which could support tomorrows' design challenges. In parallel, DevelopEX also includes professional trade show, to allow industry vendors from around the globe to demonstrate their latest design tools, design services and manufacturing capabilities.

iNNOVEX – iNNOVEX is the annual conference dedicated to technological innovation. iNNOVEX is the only conference that brings together the largest high tech companies, the leading academic institutions and the relevant government organizations to work together on the next generation of innovation. Many engineers, industry professionals, academic researchers, and senior executives are coming to iNNOVEX to learn about the latest technologies and tools and discover ways and means that will allow them to develop the next wave of innovative products.



One of ASG's expertise is the microelectronics industry. ASG developed four marketing platforms to address the needs of various companies In this industry. These platforms include:


ChipEx - ChipEx is the largest international event of the Israeli microelectronics industry. It is held annually in Tel Aviv, Israel and brings together more than 1,000 industry professionals for their annual meeting. ChipEx includes vendors' exhibition, technology conference and the most exclusive event called Israel Executive Summit which was specifically designed for the senior executives of the Microelectronics industry.

The Israeli Semiconductor Club – The Israeli semiconductor club is the only club that enables the C level executives of the Israeli Microelectronics industry to meet on a regular basis. The club conducts quarterly meetings which bring together about 200 senior executives for a valuable networking and constructive discussions on the actual challenges of the Microelectronics industry.

TapeOut Magazine – TapeOut is the most popular magazine dedicated to the Israeli microelectronics industry. TapeOut is issued in cooperation with the SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association) and GarySmithEDA from the US and with the academic support of Prof. Ran Ginosar, head of the VLSI Laboratory in the Technion, Institute of Technology, Israel.

Chiporal – Chiportal is a web portal that acts as the major on-line source for information and communication between all professionals involved with the Israeli microelectronics industry. Chiportal serves engineers, technical experts, senior executives, vendors, consultants, subcontractors, and investors.




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