Our Committees

Members of Steering Committee 2017 (By ABC): 

Shmuel Auster, Chairman, ISEEE

Dror Avni, Industry Expert

Aviv Bar-OZ, European Field Marketing, Synopsys Israel

Yigal Ben-Eliyahu, Director of Sales & Country Manager, Mentor Graphics

Nadav Ben-Ezer, Managing Director, Avnet Asic Israel

Yossi Benizri, CEO, Beyond Electronics

Lior Blanka, CTO, DSP Group

Moshe Bublil, Industry expert

Mordehay Stephane Chouchan, Regional Sales Director, STMicroelectronics

Shlomo Gadot, CEO, Inuitive

Prof. Ran Ginosar, Head of VLSI Systems Research Center, Technion

Coby Hanoch, Founder and CEO, Satris Group

Oded Harel, Director Corporate Compliance Officer, TowerJazz

Meir Hasko, Signal Integrity Manager, Marvell Israel

Yaron Kagan, Distribution Business Manager, Texas Instruments

Ehud Loewenstein, Regional Sales Manager, Synopsys

Tzahi Petel, General Manager, Israel Analog Devices

Eran Rotem, Industry expert

Moshe Salama, Marketing Communication Manager, CEVA

Adar Segal, General Manager, Cadence Israel

Tal Segman, CEO Deputy, Avent Israel

Dror Sfarady, Strategic Accounts Technical Manager, Xilinx Israel

Ronen Stilkol, Regional Manager, Apache/Ansys

Karni Tohar, Operation Manager, Avnet Asic Israel

Avner Uzan, Business Development Manager Intel-PSG, Eastronics

Yonathan Wand, General Manager, Magic Wand

Dudi Wolf, VP Business Development, Inomize


Members of TPC Committee:

Dror Avni, Industry expert

Dr. Reuven Dobkin, CEO Vsync

Prof. Ran Ginosar, Head, VLSI Systems Research Center, Technion

Prof. Simon Litsyn, Professor, School of Electrical Engineering, TLV University

Evelyn Landman, Backend Engineering specialist

Dr. Arkadiy Morgenshtein, VLSI Leader, Given Imaging

Eran Rotem, Industry expert

Dr. Adam Teman , Tenure Track Senior lecturer, Bar Ilan University


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